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Herbs for Lungs Eucalyptus * Oregano * Plantain * Chapparal * Peppermint * Coltsfoot * Thyme * Sage * Licorice Root * Garlic * Pleurisy Root Marshmallow * Comfrey *Ginger * Fennel * Teatree Expectorant   Aniseed * Hyssop *Lovage Read more…

Herbs for the Liver Milk Thistle * Plantain Yellow Dock * Red Clover Sarsaparilla * Echinacea Sassafras * Nettles Oregon Grape Root Blood Cleansing Dandelion Root Burdock Root   Chapparal.

Herbs for Kidney Golden Rod * Hydrangea Horsetail* Nettle*Yarrow Parsley* Gravel Root Turmeric * Cornsilk Pumpkin Seed *Uva Ursi    Marshmallow Root Diuretic Juniper (cedar berry) Celery Seed * Dandelion Ginger  * Hawthorn

Herbs for the Heart Hawthorn Berry * Onion Pomegranate * Rosemary Turmeric * Olive Leaf Cilantro * Siberian Ginseng Coleus *Ashwaganda *Gingko *Butchers Broom * Rhodiola Dong Quai * Motherwort Blood Pressure   Beetroot * Basil * Ginger Cayenne *Nigella Read more…

Heavy Metal Detox Heavy metals in the human body contribute to serious health problems. Toxic heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, lead, uranium and aluminum may enter the human body through food, water, air, or absorption through the skin. In Read more…

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